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Where to toy shop for kids in Columbia?

“Toys R Us is bankrupt, but mom-n-pop toy stores are thriving,” claims The Washington Post (
I remember being excited to go to Toys R Us when I was a kid, but is that still the case for kids now? Parents and their children are now looking for “unique shopping experiences.” So what are the unique shopping experiences in Columbia for kids, you ask?
Be Beep Toy Store in Forest Acres has been a specialty award winning children’s store in Columbia since 1986. They offer a variety of categories from art and crafts, learning fundamentals, dress up time, musical toys, to classic wooden doll houses! Check them out at
So what are your thoughts? Were you surprised by the bankruptcy news of toy world conglomerate, Toys R Us?
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Indestructible Dog Mat????

He’s cute isn’t he??? Cute as he can be!!! And destructible as can be!! Mats don’t last long around Saint! Yep….his name is Saint! And all the nice expensive beds we bought, no longer exist!

Well I heard about this new Paw Mat that’s water and stain resistant. It’s meant to make messes easy to clean up and dries quickly. Sounds good so far. Chemically inactive? According to the website, that means is if a dog swallowed a piece of the mat, it would not be toxic. It states thermoplastics are so safe that they are used for medical equipment and children’s toys. Translation…so when Saint tries to eat the mat for lunch, it shouldn’t harm him, good to know. Another benefit of the Paw Mat, it is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Oh and did I mention the creators of the Paw Mat are locals!!!

Let’s give the mat a shot and see how Saint likes it, or rather how long it lasts!